Whole Food vs Synthetic Vitamins: Which Ones are you taking?

Most people take vitamins to make them feel better, to make them healthier. In our busy lives, it's hard to always make sure you get the right nutrition every day, so we take a vitamin to make up for that. Or does it? That's the question here. When I was giving my patients vitamins years ago, many of them complained that they actually felt worse after taking them. This didn't make sense to me, why should something that's supposed to be good for you make you feel worse or have no effect on how you feel? So I spent some time researching vitamins and studying the labels and came to an astonishing conclusion: almost all the vitamins on the market were synthetically made and produced. There was nothing "whole" or "natural" about them, rather they were derived from chemicals and had a lot of fillers that weren't necessary in them as well.

This difference in whole food vs synthetic vitamins led me to create VitaTree Whole Food supplements. Which are totally made from fresh whole foods. No additives or fillers. I couldn't responsibly give my patients synthetic vitamins, not only are they not giving you any nutrients, but chemicals can actually cause serious diseases such as cancer. The human body was not meant to be nourished from a lab, it was meant to be nourished with foods that come from the earth. And that's what we guarantee here at Vita Tree...that all of our supplements are whole-food based. If you are unsure, give me the name of your supplement and I can tell you how it's produced. Feel free to ask your questions, I respond to all of them. Let's get healthy with whole foods and live the Vita Life!

To Your Health and Wellness!

Whole Food Vitamins and natural supplements

Dr. Janine Bowring

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